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Watching the summer of sport with my kids this year has left me inspired!  I’ve been bouncing around the idea of launching a range of kid’s books about sport for a number of years and the Olympics & Paralympics has given me the final nudge to take the idea to the next stage.

We couldn’t get enough of the Olympics and Paralympics in our house.  Watching and learning about new sports.  Explaining to my youngest daughter why grown men were crying at the medal ceremonies.  Hunting You Tube for clips from the past – some funny, some amazing, some painful!  We loved watching new sports like diving, Wheelchair Rugby and some of the gymnastic events.  Their enthusiasm was simply infectious. 

We have always loved sports and being active.  My eldest daughter is football mad and both girls go to weekly dance classes.  I did a triathlon (the sprint…not an ironman!) earlier this year and hearing the girls and my family cheering me on was incredible.  None of us will ever make a career from sport…but that’s not what it’s about.  It’s about how sport and being active makes you feel.

My idea with Quack and Field is to produce a series of picture books for young children that are fun and inspire all kids, able-bodied and disabled, to learn about and get involved in sport.  Each story introduces an Olympic and Paralympic sport.  There are so many sports out there – it’s often a case of finding the right sport for you – and it’s not about being the best.  If you are the best, that’s brilliant.  But for the majority of us, it’s about how it makes you feel.  It’s the buzz you get.  

Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be writing a regular blog to introduce myself and the world of Quack.  My first book, Swimming, is already available on the website and the follow up, Trampolining, will be available in October and after that, Wheelchair rugby will follow at Christmas time.

I’m brand new to writing children’s books so I’d love your feedback.  I’ve set up the website that’s got information about the books, about me and where you can buy the books from (at a discounted rate).  I’ve finally entered the world of social media with a Facebook and Twitter page so bear with me as I learn how to tweet! There’s also email (info@quackandfield.com).  However it comes back, any and all feedback will be massively appreciated.    

It’s been so much fun producing the books.  I hope that comes through in the stories and you and your children enjoy reading them.

Thank you

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