The year ahead

Welcome to my latest blog.  I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2017 is a really big year for Quack and Field and I’m entering it with a mixture of excitement, enthusiasm and also a bit of nervousness.  Over the next few weeks and months, as well as finishing and publishing Wheelchair Rugby (my next book in the series), I’ll be starting to approach book retailers for the first time.

I’ve said before that I’d love Quack and Field to get kids reading more and being more active so getting the books accessible to parents and children is vital.

As you may have seen from my tweets and website, I’ve had so many fantastic book reviews by bloggers over the last couple of months.  Their feedback has been so kind and when parents tell you that the books have inspired their kids to ask to go swimming or bouncing, it’s such wonderful feedback and an amazing feeling for me personally.

My plan was to start approaching retailers in the new year after I’d got some independent reviews and Conker Communications in Manchester have been incredibly supportive in helping me to achieve that.

I always hoped the reviews would be positive but I have been genuinely blown away by them and it means that I will be able to approach the book retailers with a sense of confidence in my idea.

I learnt so much in 2016 – both about the world of writing children’s books as well as about myself – but I know I’m going to need to learn an awful lot more in 2017!  If things go to plan, I am going to be in situations and discussions that take me well outside my comfort zone but as I reflect back on 2016, I’ve realised that I spent a lot of time outside my comfort zone and I loved every minute of it!

As I said earlier, there’s plenty going on with Quack and Field and I can’t wait to keep you posted on progress!

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