The ‘miracle cure’?

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There are a few things that I love about my adventure with Quack and Field but nothing really surpasses the hope that it encourages more children to take up sport.  I read something recently that confirmed what I think most people intuitively know – participating in sport is good for kids.

A review, written in 2015 by Public Health England pointed to evidence that physical activity and sport has a positive impact on children’s social skills and self-esteem. It also identified other benefits including:

  • Increased confidence;
  • Peer acceptance; and
  • A link to friendship.

That’s an amazing list of things for any child to possess.

And there’s other reports too.  Loads of them!  They all say the same thing…that sport and being active is really good for children.  The Academy of Royal Medical Colleges described physical activity as a ‘miracle cure’ in 2015 and added that young children who are more physically active are:

  • More likely to achieve higher academic success;
  • Less likely to develop mental health problems; and
  • Less likely to start participating in risky lifestyle behaviours.

The evidence really is quite compelling.

So, when Lord Sebastian Coe said that today’s children are the “least active generation in history” I felt really sad…and frustrated.

There are some amazing organisations and people who are already trying to tackle this.  The UK Active website demonstrates so many good projects that they are supporting.  And I know first-hand about some of the fantastic work and impact that the Widnes Vikings rugby league team are having in the local communities with children, by working with NHS Halton CCG (a commissioner of healthcare) and schools.  That’s just two examples and there are so many more which I’ve found along the way.

I would love the Quack and Field children’s book series to help make a contribution and difference.  If they help raise awareness or get children interested in a new sport, I’ll be over the moon.  In one of my next blogs, I’d like to talk about my idea for the ‘Quack Foundation’ which would focus on investing in communities to get more sports available for local kids.

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