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Review from Blogger Tami Anderson @ Raspberry Giggle

A great read for anyone who enjoyed the Olympics! Little Miss A and I have loved reading the new books from @quackandfield Lots of fun!

Review from Bloggers – Eps and Amy

My children absolutely love these books! The eldest (8 years old) really enjoys reading the story to the youngest (5 years old) and doing fun commentator voices. The books are really colourful and the kids adore the artwork, very expressive animals.

At the start of the books you get a fact file about each character taking part and a bit of information about the sport itself (I’m no sporting expert but I think these facts are actual Olympic rules).

The animal characters then start the sporting events (swimming all at once, trampolining one at a time) and each character has their little bit of story line, then the book finishes on the podium announcing 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The books are perfect length for a “read together” book and certainly kept my children’s interest for the length of the entire book and have nice big words so older children can practise their reading too. The books are aimed at 3-7 year olds and are perfect for this age range.

These are really lovely books and the children have really enjoyed them. They are currently available from the Quack and Field website here and at the moment they have 30% discount on them. I am sure it won’t be long before they are available in high street stores.

Review from blogger – One Hull of a Dad

A week ago I received two copies of a new series of books called Quack and Field. These books are designed for children aged 3-7 years and aim to get them interested in sports.

These books are authored by Rob Foster and the artwork is by Jon Wotton. You can find the Quack and Field website here

When my son Joseph (5 years old) first saw these books, he said, “Wow! Who are those for?”

“Me, obviously”, I replied.

“But I got sent them for us to read together and you can keep them as a special present once we have read them”

“Aw, cool dad”

Yes, yes I am.

The two books were a lot thicker than I was expecting and the bright colours attract you to them straight away. They also have a nice glossy cover. The premise of these books is to follow a “team” of animals as they complete sporting tasks that are covered in the Olympics and Paralympics.

Quack is the duck who is your commentator throughout the books. I asked Joseph what he thought Quack would be like and he said “awesome”. That’s a good sign considering we hadn’t turned from the front cover yet.

Throughout each book (we received trampolining and swimming) the animals complete against each other for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place just like in the Olympics, unlike the Olympics though there are some very questionable talents competing, for example, we have Crystal the cow competing in the trampolining event who happens to have missed a few slimming world meetings and as a result has an accident (I won’t ruin it for you by telling you what happens).

In the Swimming book, Harriet the Hippo jumps into the swimming pool and, as she is a hippo and, as you might expect, quite large, she empties the pool of water. Much like I do when I jump in the pool apparently.

Thanks for that Joseph.

The books are engaging as they ask the reader questions, which I asked my son, this got him thinking more about it, at which point we had a further conversation on how he enjoys swimming and jumping up and down.

Each book introduces the characters before we get to the race, Joseph was concerned about Duke the dog in the swimming book as “dogs don’t like water” apparently.

Don’t worry, Duke was fine.

The books are well designed with lots of colourful pictures to keep children entertained, and if your children can’t read yet they will still be able to tell you what is happening from the pictures. this lets them use their imagination. Joseph is good at reading, we took it in turns reading a page of the swimming book and the only word he really struggled with was”commentator”.

After we had finished reading the books Joseph asked me if we could go swimming. I think this shows that the authors aim had worked. It got my son talking about swimming and wanting to go. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take him swimming due to it being 7 pm and it being his bedtime, which he was most displeased about.

Joseph loved the books and I enjoyed reading them with him. I think it’s always a good idea for children to get into a sport and any physical activity for kids is great. These books will certainly get the ball rolling in the sense that a child will start talking about different sports.

I can’t wait to read the next few books in the series.

Thanks for reading.


Review from blogger –  Zena’s Suitcase

We have been reading two books from the Quack and Field series by Rob Foster.  These combine two things that are really important to me.  I want my children to enjoy reading and be inspired to take part in sports.  We currently do swimming lessons and go to gymnastics so the titles Swimming and Trampolining jumped out at us straight away.

These books are presented in a comic book style, with a little less flow to the story than I would like.  Each book introduces the event, and the competitors with a fact file on each character.  The books explore each event with a lot of humour and some great graphics.  They look at the challenges the competitors face, and look at how they can improve taking part.

We found that these books gave our girls a lot of giggles, and helped us to have lots of discussions about what happens at competitive events and how we can improve at a sport.  This couldn’t have come at a better time for us, as we are just starting to think about competitions for gymnastics and there has been some anxiety around this for my daughter.


Testimonial from Emma, Nursery Manager
“The pictures are very bright and inviting. Parents said their children enjoyed sharing the book and asked lots of questions, and even looked at the book on their own. It’s exactly the right length.”

Review written by: Blogger – Wandering Sheila

I am a big fan of books and reading.  Recently we moved house and finally have been able to unpack some of our books that haven’t been seen and poured over since we packed them all up into boxes once we sold our house in Italy last year.

There are times when I miss before bed story time that I shared with my children.  But the fact is they are now teens and anything they do read it is by themselves, although they might share with me what they thought about the book.

I came across ‘Quack and Field’, a new series of picture books recently and was intrigued to see what they are about.  They are written by Rob Foster and this series has the aim of teaching children more about Olympic and Paralympic sports.  So far ‘Swimming’ and ‘Trampolining’ have been released.

These books are aimed at children between 3-7 years old.  The young readers are guided by Quack as he talks about the various competitors and the competitors have various adventures whilst taking part in their respective events.

They are certainly good fun and I believe young readers would find them highly enjoyable.


Review from Blogger: Taming Twins

Quack and Field is an exciting, new series of picture books designed to introduce young children to the dozens of different Olympic and Paralympic sports. Aimed at children aged 3-7, each book explores a different sport, e.g. swimming, trampolining, wheelchair rugby and javelin. As H wants to be an Olympic Cyclist, these books are perfect for some inspiration!

Review written by: Blogger – What the Redhead Said

LP and Little Man really enjoyed Quack and Field – Swimming. The book is full of really cute illustrations that the children really warmed to and introduced you to each of the animal characters. The story follows them preparing for a swimming race and the fun that’s had during and after the race.

The book is really engaging, with lots going on and lots of different size text all over the pages to keep the children entertained throughout.

Testimonial from AJ, Liverpool

These books are fantastic and have proven a big hit with Sophia.  Having started school in September, she is really just starting to engage with books and I think these have really cracked it in terms of making reading fun, entertaining, and educational all at the same time. Sophia giggled away at the crazy antics of the animals in Swimming and Trampolining. The style of narration works really well, and the words are really brought to life with the fabulous illustrations. It’s great to see her reading comprehension skills at play with these books; encouraged in a big way by the fantastic characterisation and humour embedded within them.  Look forward to reading more in the series!

Review written by: Blogger – Adventures in Websterland

The Summer might be far behind us but memories and triumphs of the 2016 Olympics remain. When the author of the new Quack and Field children’s books got in touch to ask if I would like to review his books I thought it would be a fantastic fun way to teach Daisy all about the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Created by Rob Foster and illustrated by Jon Wotton Quack and Field is a series of children’s story guides to all Olympic and Paralympic events.

The stories are narrated by Quack the duck commentator, he introduces us to the crazy animal characters taking part in the events and a little about the events themselves.


‘Swimming’ is the first book in the series and tells the story of four animals battling to be the best in the 50 metres race at the Olympics. We liked this fun colourful tale, Daisy loves going swimming so it was definitely her favourite book out of the two we were sent. I particularly like the pages that explain in a child friendly simple way about the what the 50 metres race is and the difference between length and width.


Trampolining’ tells the story of four crazy animals all competing to be the best bouncers. Daisy and I giggled throughout this book at the many mishaps that the animals have while trampolining. I particularly liked the characters especially Pixie the Penguin she’s adorable.

I asked Daisy what she liked best about the books and she said “I like the funny animals and the swimming pool, I want to win a medal at swimming”.

The next book in the series ‘Wheelchair Rugby’ is due for release in January 2017.

Trampoline team

Review from Blogger Lyrical Mum

Just read two new books from @quackandfield for bedtime story tonight.  Lovely informative stories and it’s nice to support a local author!

Review from Blogger – The Money Cottage

Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving the first two books in the new Quack and Field series.

The Quack and Field series is suitable for children aged 3-7 and the aim is to provide a child-friendly guide to the various events in the Olympic and Paralympic games. I think this is a fab idea! My children were fascinated by the Olympics and I think they would have benefited enormously from reading these books before watching the events.

The competitors in the events are actually rather adorable little animals, they’re cute and cuddly and my 7 year old daughter really liked them, she particularly like Lucy the Lamb and Rochelle the Rabbit!

The stories start off with a little information about the events and what the competitors have to do.

The first book, “Swimming”, features Harriett the Hippo, Lucy the Lamb, Duke the Dog and Trey the Turtle. The commentator, Quack (I’ll let you guess what animal he is!), introduces the event and the characters and we get a few interesting facts about them before they step out poolside. They all have different strengths and it’s great to see how they use them during the race! You’ll have to read the book to find out who wins!

The second book, “Trampolining”, introduces us to new characters. My personal favourite is Pixie the Penguin. Quack commentates again as we follow them through the competition.

I think this series is a really fun way of explaining to young children how the Olympics and Paralympics works. It’ll be wonderful to see which other events will be covered throughout the rest of the series.

These are wonderful books, perfect for inquisitive children, I’d highly recommend them to anyone with children aged 3-7!