Author – Rob Foster

Author Rob Foster was inspired to create the Quack and Field book series by his own children, Grace and Charlie.

Message from Rob

“I hope the books inspire all children, able-bodied and disabled, to learn about and get involved in sports and development. Everyone’s familiar with football but these books put young readers on the starting blocks to learn about a massive range of sports including less well-known track and field sports like Trampolining and Wheelchair rugby.

Sport is a great way to teach young children the importance of teamwork and playing within a set of rules. Everyone can have fun with sport, no matter what their size or shape, ability or disability and being active is so good for you.  It helps with fitness, strengthens your body, makes you feel good and can be a great way to build confidence and friendships.

Developing the right skills at early age is vital.  Toddlers have an innate drive to be physically active and they need to experience all kinds of different movements.  Quack and Field encourages the development of a child’s gross and fine motor skills and supports their journey to school readiness.