Quack’s Mission

To educate and engage children on the importance of physical activity, healthy living and taking control of their own health

The initial concept of Quack and Field was to develop a picture book series to introduce and teach young children about Olympic and Paralympic sports. All Quack Sport stories would be narrated by Quack who would be the main character throughout the entire book series. The purpose was to create a central character who the children could relate to and who would inspire them to read more and for any child, able-bodied or disabled, to learn about and want to get involved in sports in their local communities.

Whilst these books focussed on sport and physical activity, I wanted to do more to educate children about healthy living so Quack Health was developed.
Again using Quack as the central character, and working with doctors and health professionals, the Quack Health picture book series is being developed to educate young children about critical health related topics. Creating books on subjects like Mental Health, Dental Health, nutrition, the human body and common childhood diseases and illnesses (like Asthma and Eczema) achieves this.

Creating every book in partnership with recognised and reputable national organisations has been a key feature. Every book has had the support and input from a leading organisation in the UK who have provided their expertise and knowledge to ensure each and every book delivers accurate and, where appropriate, evidence-based information.

Across the two book series, Quack provides an interactive and visual way of educating and inspiring young children about the importance of being healthy and being active. Critically, the books never lose the fun element. Reading should be fun and it’s through this approach that children remain engaged and want to read the books over and over again.

The next phase of Quack’s development is the Quack Academy. To further enhance the delivery of Quack’s mission, the Quack Academy programme is being developed with doctors and teachers to deliver a series of workshops to children in Primary Schools.

As well as being completely hands-on, interactive and fun, the workshops will be based on the themes from the Quack Sports and Quack Health books, educating children about the importance of physical activity, healthy living and taking control of their own health.

The Quack Academy will educate and inspire children, educate teachers and deliver key components from the Key Stage 1 national curriculum.

At the end of the Quack Academy, children will have learnt new skills and participated in a range of Olympic and Paralympic sports, increased their awareness and understanding of the human mind and body and how it works, met Great British Olympic and/or Paralympic heroes, developed an appreciation of playing sport with a disability, interacted with a range of exciting and interactive technology and had a bundle of fun!

Through this exciting series of developments, the Quack Team really is committed to educating and engaging children on the importance of physical activity, healthy living and taking control of their own health.